Community Profiles

Campaspe Community Wellbeing Profile 2017

The Campaspe Primary Care Partnership (PCP) Community Health and Wellbeing Profile presents a broad range of data that provides insight to the social and health status of the Campaspe PCP population. The profile will be used to inform and support local strategic planning by health and community service organisations in the Campaspe Shire area.

Campaspe PCP Community Wellbeing Profile 2017

Campaspe Community Data - Health and Wellbeing Snapshot_Landscape

Campaspe Community Data- Health and Wellbeing Snapshot_Portrait


Shire of Campaspe Demographic Community Profile

In addition to this Health and Wellbeing Profile, is the Shire of Campaspe Demographic Community Profile, which is based on census data. This profile compliments the Shire of Campaspe Community Profile with additional health and wellbeing indicators.

For detailed information about Shire of Campaspe population visit :