About Integrated Health Promotion (IHP)

In Victoria, the term 'integrated health promotion' refers to agencies and organisations from a wide range of sectors and communities in a catchment working in a collaborative manner using a mix of health promotion interventions and capacity building strategies to address priority health and wellbeing issues (DHS).

Role of Campaspe PCP in Integrated Health Promotion

PCP has a leadership role in supporting catchment planning and ensuring maximum member organisation effort to reduce duplication and fragmentation of effort. This contributes to achieving consistency for a population health approach.

The PCPs role is also to strengthen the capacity of the service system to plan, implement and evaluate health promotion programs and to reorient services to be population health focused.

Vision for Health Promotion in Campaspe

Campaspe PCPs IHP vision is to 'improve the health of the Campaspe population, by improving the delivery of IHP approaches through application of evidence based and best practices'.