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B ur best - Health Promoting Communities: Being Active Eating Well Project

B ur best

Go for your life, Health Promoting Communities: Being Active Eating Well Project

Goal: To increase physical activity and healthy eating and to promote healthy weight for 12-18 year olds across the Shire of Campaspe by June 2010.

Target group: Young People (12-18 year olds) across the local government area of Campaspe. The secondary target group is disadvantaged persons in the Shire of Campaspe which includes the aged, people with a disability and those of socioeconomic disadvantage.

Summary: b ur best is a state government project funded through the Go for Your Life initiative. This project is mainly working with local secondary schools to create a healthy environment for young people to live, work and play. The b ur best project also supports a number of community-based initiatives to promote healthy living through community kitchens, exercise classes for older adults and walking groups across the Shire.

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Crossenvale Community Kitchen

Goal: To promote healthy eating, social inclusion and community strength      

Target Group: Residents of Crossenvale

Summary:  Community kitchens are groups of people who regularly meet at community-based venues to socialise and cook fresh and nutritious meals together.  They encourage members to develop new friendships, whilst further developing skills in cooking affordable meals.  Participants come from many different walks of life and every member has strengths and skills which can be passed on to other members of the group.  Trained facilitators guide the kitchens to ensure they run smoothly however each group member is equally responsible for how their kitchen runs.  Community Kitchens participants develop skills and learn from each other through their own hands on experiences rather than from one ‘expert’ person teaching the group.  Participants contribute to the costs of the ingredients and cook the meals themselves.

Contact: Danielle Patterson, Echuca Regional Health, ph: (03) 5485 5826,


Crossenvale Keep Active

Active Participation Project

Goal: The goal of this project is to use a community development model to increase levels of participation in sport and active recreation in the Crossenvale community in Echuca which experiences high levels of deprivation and social isolation and also has a large percentage of disabled and indigenous residents.

Target Group: All residents of the Crossenvale area in Echuca.

Summary: The Crossenvale community is located in the south west of Echuca, between the Northern Highway, Ogilve Avenue and the Campaspe River. There are a number of public housing homes in this area and a significant number of households on low incomes. Although actual participation figures are unknown, anecdotal evidence suggests that participation rates in sport and recreation in this community is below the state average. To improve opportunities for physical activity participation and to develop a greater understanding of the value of healthy lifestyles by local residents, members of the Crossenvale Community in partnership with the Shire of Campaspe and VicHealth have developed the Crossenvale Keep Active Sport and Active Recreation Plan. The goal of the Crossenvale Community Active Recreation Plan is to increase levels of physical activity in the Crossenvale Community by 2010.



Smiles 4 Miles

Goal: To improve the oral health of the youngest in our community

Target Group: Childcare, kindergartens and preschools across the Shire of Campaspe

Summary: Smiles4 Miles is an initiative of Dental Health Services Victoria, working in partnership with Echuca Regional Health and local early childhood education and care services to improve the oral health of the youngest children in our community. The Smiles4 Miles early childhood oral health program embeds the principles of an integrated approach to health and wellbeing. It works to develop sustainable healthy environments and communities through the key messages of "Drink Well, Eat Well, Clean Well". The program incorporates a mix of individual and population-based approaches including training, mentoring, policy development, creation of supportive environments, capacity building and resources.

Settings include:

- Childcare (Accredited childcare/long day care centres) - Funded three and four year old Kindergarten programs and preschools

Contact: Danielle Paterson, Echuca Regional Health, ph: (03) 54855 826,



Campaspe Kids Go for your Life

Goal: To reduce the risk of overweight and obesity in Victorian children aged 0-12 years

Target Group: Child care, kindergartens, preschools and primary schools across the Shire of Campaspe

Summary: Kids - 'Go for your life' works with Victorian early childhood services (child care, family day care and kindergartens) and primary schools to support the promotion of healthy eating and physical activity in these settings through the Award Program.

The Award Program provides a guide to creating healthier environments for children to enjoy healthy eating and active play every day based on six healthy messages to help support children to develop lifelong healthy behaviours. These messages are Tap into water everyday, Move Play and Go, Turn off Switch to Play, Limit Sometimes Food, Plant Fruit & Veg in your lunch box and Stride and Ride.

Contact: Danielle Patterson, Echuca Regional Health, ph: (03) 54855 826,


Smiles4Miles and Kids - 'Go for your life' are partnered programs.

Travel Smart II

Goal: To further develop active, safe and sustainable transport opportunities for Echuca's primary and secondary school population

Target group: Primary and Secondary school students based in Echuca

Summary: This project aims to build on the success of the previously funded TravelSmart project and will use a multi-faceted approach to positively influence the development of long term sustainable transport opportunities for the Echuca community. Using the information obtained through quality research and the tools developed to plan, manage and evaluate Phase 1 of the project, we will continue to work with our partner schools and a number of new schools to measure and promote changes to transport patterns and transport behaviour. Simultaneously, we will initiate some additional interventions and develop improved infrastructure to reduce the barriers to active transport.

Contact: Community Wellbeing Team, Shire of Campaspe, ph: (03) 5481 2200


Wellness at Work Program

Goal: To increase physical activity and improve healthy eating and mental health outcomes among workers across the Shire of Campaspe.

Target Group: ‘At risk’ low SES workplaces in Campaspe

Summary: The Wellness at Work program is designed to assist workplaces to create a healthy environment for its employees using a settings approach. The program includes an initial analysis of the workplace to tailor the program to needs of the workplace and its staff. A number of strategies can be used to improve the work environment which address policies, environments, education and information that enables people to make healthy food and physical activity choices as well as support positive relationships and a healthy worklife balance.

Echuca Regional Health and Kyabram and District Health Service have begun delivering the Wellness at Work program at a number of workplaces including Fonterra Stanhope, Shire of Campaspe, Echuca Regional Health and Department of Primary Industries.

Contact: Danielle Patterson, Health Promotion Coordinator, Echuca Regional Health, ph: (03) 5485 5826

Kristen Brown, Dietitian, Kyabram & District Health Services, ph: (03) 5487 0290


Current 1109 ERH_LOGO

Echuca Regional Health: Health Promoting Hospital


Goal: To incorporate health promotion concepts, standards and values into the organisational structure and culture of Echuca Regional Health to improve the health and wellbeing of patients, staff and the broader community.

Target Group: Patients, staff and the broader ERH community

Summary: Using the World Health Organisations standards for health promotion in hospitals as a guide, this project aims to implement health promotion into the core business of Echuca Regional Health for the benefit of staff, patients and the broader community.

Contact: Danielle Paterson, Health Promotion and Community Health Nursing Coordinator
Echuca Regional Health, ph (03) 5485 5800


PACeN Evaluation Project

Goal: To achieve coordinated evaluation of the nominated PACeN partnership projects, and to reduce duplication and fragmentation of effort.

Summary: The key goals of the Evaluation Project are to support development, monitoring and implementation of PACeN project evaluation plans, to support individual project workers to undertake evaluation of their respective projects, to integrate common project indicators, source suitable evaluation tools and data collection methods across the projects, and to support evaluation report writing and dissemination. The participating projects contributed resources to support the employment of an evaluation officer to carry out the key goals of the evaluation project.

Campaspe PCP Evaluation Resource Kit version 1

Kate McIntosh

Health Promotion Project Manager
Campaspe PCP
Ph: (03) 5484 4304


Grant Writing Workshop September 2015

Many thanks to Echuca Regional Health for funding and supporting this initiative. The workshop presentation is available on the link below.

Grant Writing Workshop_sep2015

Mallee & Campaspe Social Inclusion Conference 2011

The post conference information document, conference presentations and conference photos are available on the link below:

Farm Gate

Farm Gate Program Protocols_June09

Better Health Self Management

BHSM doc for PCP website_2011pdf

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health Programs 2012

Summary_ MHFA_31_May_09

Volunteer Project - Gambling

Campaspe Problem Gambling Research Project_Final Report _28June2011

Campaspe PCP Problem Gambling Research Report 2012