About our organisation

The Campaspe Primary Care Partnership (PCP) is a voluntary alliance of primary care providers who have a responsibility for delivering primary care services in the Campaspe area.

The PCP works with the community, member organisations and the Department of Health on priority health needs of the Campaspe catchment and leads and assists members in building healthier communities through partnership, collaboration and integration.


Strategic Plan

Campaspe PCP has a shared commitment to addressing health inequities and social determinants of health through the key domains of partnership work. These include;

  • Partnering across sectors involving collaborative planning processes
  • Integrating approaches to health promotion and prevention initiatives that enable healthy communities
  • Early intervention and integrated care by ensuring better coordination and integration of the service system to improve the consumer journey
  • Support for member organisations to improve and maintain community participation and involvement.
  • Facilitating chronic disease service system integration and change management

Campaspe PCP_Strategic Plan 2017-2021 (updated_2018)

Strategic Framework 2017-2021

Our Vision and Guiding Principles

Strategic Directions & Approach

Outcomes & Accountability & PCP Team Roles

Catchment Plans

The Campaspe PCP currently has a four year catchment wide plan for partnership activities.
Priorities for the four year plan include;

Equity, Access and Service Integration

  • Health equity - strengthening service provider knowledge, skills and resources related to vulnerable and disadvantaged groups
  • Access - better Access for people to navigate and be supported to the appropriate services with a focus on vulnerable and disadvantaged populations
  • Service Integration - facilitate how various parts of the system integrate with each other in the context of current and future health and social reforms

Prevention and Health Promotion

Prevention and Health Promotion funded organisations, and Campaspe Shire Council will work with local partners to align activities for collective impact across Campaspe.

  • Healthy eating active living (to support prevention of obesity, diabetes and cancer)
  • Prevention of family violence through gender equity
  • Reducing harm from alcohol and other drugs, and
  • Mental health


Campaspe Shire Council Plan 2013 - 2017


Organisation Structure

PCP Governance Structure 2018

Campaspe PCP is governed by the Management Group. The function of the Management Group is to assume responsibility for the governance and management of the Primary Care Partnership as it relates to the municipality of Campaspe and to be accountable to the members for discharging this responsibility. The Partnership is supported by a Partnering Agreement which specifies the partnership rules and outlines the three levels of membership.

Campaspe PCP members have shared responsibilities through a portfolio structure. The two main portfolios are Prevention and Equity, Access and Service Integration. Echuca Regional Health is the portfolio holder for Prevention supported by the Health Promotion Leadership Group.

Additionally, Kyabram and District Health Services is the portfolio holder for Equity, Access and Service Integration supported by the Steering Committee. The Shire of Campaspe fulfils the role of fund holder and Rochester and Elmore District Health Services is the employer organisation for the PCP staffing group.


Campaspe PCP has three partnership levels with level 1 and 2 partners only as parties to the partnership agreement.

  • Level 1 Partners: Members of the Campaspe PCP Management Group – the Governing Board
  • Level 2 Partners: Active members of the Partnership that may only have capacity to participate in one of the portfolios of Service Coordination or Integrated Health Promotion
  • Level 3 Partners: Members that participate in partnership networks and share information with members.

To be eligible for membership, all applicants must provide services within the Shire of Campaspe local government area or communities of interest.

Level 1 Member Organisations

Level 2 Member Organisations

Level 3 Member Organisations

Member Organisation Virtual Tours

Njernda Aboriginal Corporation
Bendigo Health (Campaspe Services)
Echuca Regional Health

Community Living and Respite Services Inc.
Rochester and Elmore District Health Service
Goulburn Valley Health (Waranga Campus)

Murray Human Services
Lockington District Bush Nursing Service
Kyabram District Health Services