Healthier Campaspe



Healthier Campaspe is a local place-based partnership approach to addressing key issues that have the most impact on health services in our Campaspe catchment.

Health services within the Campaspe local government area have established a partnership approach to look at ways to address the issues that have the most impact on their services collectively. The structure used to support this approach is the Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services (HPH) established by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1993.

It was a project that was initiated to support hospitals towards placing greater emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention, rather than on diagnostic and curative services alone. The Health Promoting Hospitals strategy focuses on meeting the physical, mental and social needs of a growing number of chronically ill patients and the elderly; on meeting the needs of hospital staff, who are exposed to physical and psychological stress; and on meeting the needs of the public and the environment.

The WHO HPH framework standards were updated in late 2020, making the framework more relevant to current work being undertaken through health promotion in the local area.

In late 2020, Healthier Campaspe under went a review in partnership with Bendigo Acknowledge the work that Healthier Campaspe has previously completed and moving forward, identify that that particular structure was no longer working effectively towards achieving the desired outcomes of Healthier Campaspe. Although this work did move us forward and influence the direction in which Healthier Campaspe moved towards. It was then recommended Healthier Campaspe transition into the implementation of HPH framework. Therefore, Healthier Campaspe are still in a transitioning phase, but still working towards improving the five health priorities across the area.


Healthier Campaspe Project Manager
Position Currently Vacant

Candice Hay

Candice Hay
Healthier Campaspe Collaborative Officer

Project partners

The initiative is supported by the Healthier Campaspe Reference Group (HCRG).
Member organisations include;

  • Echuca Regional Health
  • Kyabram District Health Service
  • Rochester and Elmore District Health Service
  • Campaspe Shire Council
  • Murray Primary Health Network
  • Goulburn Valley Health
  • Bendigo Health
  • Njernda Aboriginal Corporation
  • Campaspe Primary Care Partnership

HCRG Terms of Reference (June 2018)


Healthier Campaspe Collaboration Unit (HCCU)

HCCU Terms of Reference (February 2021)

2020 Health Promoting Hospitals - Standards

HCCU Communications Plan (June 2021)



Key Achievements to date

Healthier Campaspe was initiated though the Campaspe Health Needs Analysis Project that involved three key components
1: Preparation of Evidence Summaries for each priority - see below
• A data profile; review of clinical guidelines and intervention evidence across the continuum of care; review of local services, programs and service access

2: Engagement, consultation and collaborative planning
• 82 health and community service providers in total (between 14-18 attendees at each of the 5 workshops) ranging from police, disability, local government, health practitioners, primary care networks, medical services and community health.

3. Development of a shared 4 year Implementation Plan for 2016-2020

Final Implementation Plan Campaspe Health Needs Analysis Project