Local Data

Community Profile

Campaspe PCP commissions the compilation of the Campaspe Community Wellbeing Profile to support planning and priority setting in Campaspe.

The profile is a set of health and wellbeing indicators for the population of the region and is updated prior to PCP strategic planning.

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Population Health and Wellbeing profile, May 2021 / PDF /
Campaspe PCP Community Wellbeing Profile 2020 / PDF /
Campaspe Community Data - Health and Wellbeing Snapshot 2017 / landscape PDF /
Campaspe Community Data - Health and Wellbeing Snapshot 2017 / portrait PDF /

Shire of Campaspe

In addition to this Health and Wellbeing Profile, is the Shire of Campaspe Demographic Community Profile, which is based on census data.
Source: profile.id.com.au/campaspe

For detailed information about Shire of Campaspe population visit : campaspe.vic.gov.au

Campaspe Shire Council Plan (including the Municipal Health and Wellbeing Plan).
This plan directly links to the Healthier Campaspe initiative (obesity, diabetes, cancer, alcohol & other drugs, mental health) along with working towards family violence prevention.
Source: campaspe.vic.gov.au