This activity aims to build the volunteering capacity of local community and health organisations by developing a shared approach to organisational structures, supports, training, recruitment and retention of volunteers.

It also plans to minimise duplication through collaboration and sharing of best practice approaches to ensure consistency of service across the Murray Campaspe area. It will also identify strategies to enhance promotion and recognition of volunteers within the local area.



Improve capacity and sustainability of volunteering practices and support across the Campaspe and Murray areas


  • To strengthen organisational practices and support across partner organisations by building capacity to develop and sustain improvements to volunteering practices across community and health organisations
  • To link partner organisations with web based databases - To support sustainability of volunteering
  • To identify training opportunities that support volunteers and organisations to support successful volunteering
  • Create collaborative structures across partner organisations that better supports volunteer coordinators with training, peer support and networking, and access to best practice approaches

Volunteer Victoria Conference 2019


We are so proud of these amazing team members and volunteers who helped showcase our volunteer project at the Volunteer Victoria State Conference in Melbourne recently.

We were lucky enough to present a discussion panel made up of Alma Limbrick Volunteer Project Coordinator Campaspe PCP, Shari Butcher from Echuca Regional Health, Liz Rowsell from Community and Living Respite Services, Sue Coulston a Volunteer at CLRS and Hazel Smith Volunteer at Kyabram District Health Services.

Thanks also to Megan Dehne from «We are Vivid» and Suzanna Barry from CLRS for being there to support us.



Volunteering Induction Video

The Value of Volunteering (June 2017)